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Recycling and disposal of plastic bottles

Members of the Enactus NIMSI teams on February 4 took part as a partner in the opening of the center at the International University. K.Sh. Toktomamatov and Enactus Kyrgyzstan. With the financial support of the European Union for the development of democracy and the protection of human rights, the implementation of the Zhash Tabyshker project was launched. Innovative agro centers have been founded, where young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to realize their agricultural start-ups. The centers were equipped with all the necessary technical means to develop entrepreneurial skills and launch start-ups.

Enactus team captain NIMSI Muhammad Razzak and project manager Idris Khan, as future doctors, presented their ongoing projects to preserve the environment and improve the sanitary condition of the city, on the “Recycling and disposal of plastic bottles”.

The participants expressed their readiness for cooperation in the implementation of an urgent problem.