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Rector Message

I am glad to welcome you to SRMSI, one of the youngest and most promising medical educational institutions in Central Asia, which aims to improve the health of the population of the countries of Central Asia and Southeast Asia through the training of doctors who are well aware and able to treat the diseases most common in these regions . It should be noted that the SRMSI education program is designed not only for local students, but for foreign citizens, therefore, educational tools, complexes and methods are developed on the basis of world educational standards and compliance with licensing requirements.
education in the Kyrgyz Republic. In addition, every year SRMSI makes a significant contribution to the country's economy by attracting investments as an exporter of higher medical education and increasing the investment potential in Kyrgyzstan. All this is due to the feasible work of the founders, as well as a strong and qualified teaching staff, which successfully copes with the tasks of educating and teaching foreign students medical knowledge and skills. To strengthen the international direction of activity, in addition to domestic universities, the institute cooperates with leading universities and medical institutions in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China and Turkey. Based on this, memorandums of close cooperation were signed with the aim of improving the educational process of SRMSI, in accordance with world standards. Moreover, SRMSI is on the list of international medical institutions recognized by WHO and jointly carries out international medical projects that solve the problem of the disease caused by the Ebola virus and COVID-19, and is also a member of the Association of Higher Educational Institutions of Kyrgyzstan. Also, our university is a member of the Research4Life organization, the largest online platform for electronic resources, books, magazines on medicine, agriculture, and the environment. The Scientific Research Medical and Social Institute does a lot of work for the further development and improvement of the education system in the Kyrgyz Republic. And always adheres to the principle of providing quality education for all segments of the population in order to improve the level of education and improve the health of the population throughout Central and Southeast Asia. SRMSI is the best education, healthy population and strong friendship of all peoples!!!