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Participation in the republican student scientific and practical conference

November 25, 2021, students of the Scientific Research Medical Social Institute participated in the republican student scientific and practical conference, the Department of Russian Philology of the Philological Faculty of Jalal – Abad State University named after I. B. Osmonova held a republican student scientific-practical conference “Spiritual Foundations of Russian Literature”, devoted to the 200th anniversary of N.A. Nekrasov. The conference was attended by representatives of the Russian Federation, guests from the Republic of Uzbekistan. Our students also participate in this conference:
1. Almamatov Beknazar, LDk-2-20. Supervisor Anarbekova V.E. «Philosophical thoughts of Tolubaya Synchy».
2. Aitibekova Aigerim, LDk-11-20. Supervisor Rayymkul uulu Zhakshylyk. «Test tasks as a form of control».
3. Islamavkhunov Biloldin, LD-3-21. Supervisor Ermekova N.A. «Difficulties in learning Russian language for foreign students».
4. Ruzmetova Sayera LD-4-21. Supervisor Kachybekova A.K. «The role of the English language in the modern world».

The students of our institute performed at the conference.
Islamavkhunov Biloldin received III degree diploma, and the rest of the students received certificates for their active participation. The conference ended with a musical and literary evening, dancing and songs.

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