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Batken – we are with you!

Dear people of Batken, the bloody events of April 28-30 were a great test for all of us. In such a case, we believe that it is our duty as a citizen to unite as a fist and share the grief of the families who have suffered a heavy loss. The staff of IIMSI is always with you!

“Batken – we are with you!” Humanitarian aid was organized under the title
One day’s salary of the general staff of the institute was transferred.
A team of doctors is ready to provide medical assistance
Our volunteer colleagues, led by the president of our school, J.T. Arynbaev, are donating blood.
Three private clinics on the base of the institute are ready to treat the injured free of charge at the expense of the school
Special psychologists are being sent to the affected villages in the border areas of Batken region
We – the labor team of the school are with you in any situation. We are ready to provide all kinds of support!!!