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March 2021

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March 26, 2021-zhyly IIMSInin “Zhalpy medicinelyk discipline” department son professor - okutuuchuluk kuramyn Kazakhstandyn Nazarbayev university is professor D. A. Shamatov syllabus tuzүү boyuncha okuu-usulduk seminar өtүp berdi. March 26, 2021-zhyly IIMSInin “Zhalpy medicinelyk disciplinar” of the department son “Daryloo Ishi” adistiginde okup zhatkan studentterge Kazakhstandyn Nazarbayev university student Professor D. A. Shamatov menen tegerek table boldu, student kyzykkan surooloruna zhoop berdi.

March 20. 2021 The teaching staff of the Department of Natural Humanitarian Disciplines of the Scientific-Research Medical Social Institute prepared sumak for the great day of the nation, Nooruz, and distributed it to the staff of the institute. They prayed day and night for stability, unity, harmony, and social development in our country in the Muslim New Year!

On March 19, 2021, the Rector of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​(IFL) in St. Petersburg of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Honorary Professor of a number of Russian and foreign universities Pimenova Marina Vladimirovna visited the Research Medical and Social Institute. A professor from St. Petersburg got acquainted with the teaching staff and with the activities of NIMSI. During the meetings, a joint cooperation agreement was officially signed with the rector of NIMSI, Professor Tampagarov Kushtarbek Bekmuratovich, and the rector of the IFL, Professor Pimenova Marina Vladimirovna.

March 15, 2021 A meeting of Enactus teams from SRMSI, JAGU and MNU was held at the Scientific Research Medical and Social Institute (SRMSI), in which 43 students took part. NIMSI President Ph.D., Professor Arynbaev Zhanybai Tokoevich greeted the guests and participants. Program manager of Enactus Kyrgyzstan Churukova Kamila, program coordinators Panarbekov Sultan, Oruzbaev Azamat and Toktosunov Islambek presented the activities of the project. The purpose of the visit is to prepare the teams for the upcoming competitions, to talk about the correct preparation, how to work on projects, to